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Veneta Marinova - Artist

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” - Mark Twain
By showing his art, especially when it’s sincere and unintentional, the artist illuminates his dark, unlit side. I don’t know if it is a quest for co-experience, but I do know that it is a quest, an expression of the most intimate. I don’t like to illuminate my thoughts by pronouncing the words, so I express them through my paintings. It excites me and I look for an abstract expression on the subject of space, floating and flying, taking off and landing, with or without battles, dramas or no dramas, but never “at all costs”. I love the work that comes in one breath. I work using mixed techniques. I adore the collage because it allows me to interpreter, to jazz, to contact the canvas with ease. At the same time I can intervene in the process with acrylic, paste or painting to consolidate and give a material expression to the intangible – feelings, emotions, states of the spirit.




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